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Towel Bar Installation

Step 1: Determine the center to center measurement between towel bar posts.
center to center measure

Step 2: Transfer this measurement to the top of your level with pencil marks.
Transferring center to center to level

Step 3: Determine where you want to place your towel bar. Mark up from the floor 48″ to the center of the first towel bar mounting post. Mark this spot on the wall with a pencil.
48 inch towel bar height

Step 5: Using your level, line up the mark on the wall with the first pencil mark on the level.
Line up the first mark on the level

Step 6: Ensure that the level is in fact level, then transfer the second mark on the level to the wall.
Transferring level pencil marks to wall

Step 7: Secure the mounting hardware. Center them on the 2 pencil locations on the wall.
Secure mounting hardware

Step 8: Attach the mounting posts to the mounting hardware, including the towel bar rail. This may require a flat head screwdriver or Allen wrench.
Attaching mounting posts

Towel bar finished product