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Toilet Fill Valve Replacement

Step 1: Close the water supply to the toilet. Flush the toilet to drain the water from the tank.
Close the toilet water supply

Step 2: Vacuum the remaining water from the tank, or use a sponge.
Vacuum out the water from the tank

Step 3: Remove the water supply and plastic nut holding the fill valve in place.
Remove toilet water supply

Step 4: Remove the fill valve from the toilet tank.
Remove fill valve from the tank

Step 5: Pop out the insert on the rubber seal. The seal is installed on the bottom of the fill valve with the tapered end facing towards the floor.
Install fill valve rubber seal

Step 6: Install the new fill valve in the tank. Use the supplied plastic nut to secure.
Install the new fill valve

Step 7: Adjust the height of the fill valve to be level, or just below level of the top of the toilet tank.
Adjust the height of the fill valve

Step 8: Install the refill tube. One end connects to the port on the side of the fill valve. The other end connects to the fill valve adapter which is installed on the overflow tube. The refill tube might need to be cut to length.
Install refill tube

Step 9: Install a new water supply riser to the toilet and turn the water back on. Check all your connections for leaks.
Install new water supply

Step 10: Adjust the height of the fill valve float by spinning the adjustment screw counterclockwise to lower the water level and clockwise to raise it. The toilet tank or overflow tube will have a mark to where the water should be adjusted to.
Fine tune adjust the height of the float

Step 11: Double check all your connections and flush the toilet a few times to ensure the water stops at the correct level.
Testing the toilet

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