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Side Stream Filter Replacement

Step 1: Isolate the inlet and outlet of the side stream filter by closing the isolation valves.

Isolate the inlet and outlet of the side stream filter

Step 2: Loosen the fastener holding the housing in place. Some housings may require an adjustable wrench, adjustable pliers, or key(tool) that comes with the device.
Caution! It is best to change your filter on a cool down cycle, as boiler fluid can cause severe burns.
Removing the side stream housing

Step 3: Remove the old filter and rinse out the housing.
Remove the cartridge filter

Step 4: Install a new cartridge filter.
Installing the new cartridge filter

Step 5: Install the filter part way. Add boiler fluid to the housing by slightly opening the downstream isolation valve until the housing is full. Then close the isolation valve.  This helps in reducing the amount of air introduced into the boiler system.
Install the filter part way

Step 6: Tighten the housing back up.
Tighten the side stream filter back up

Step 7: Open the inlet isolation valve first, followed by the outlet isolation valve. Check for leaks.
Open the inlet followed by the outlet

Step 8: Top off any pressure that might have been lost in the replacement of the filter. Return boiler to normal operating pressure.
Top off boiler pressure