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Flat Tire Repair

Step 1: Determine if the tire is repairable. Any puncture that is in the sidewall or shoulder of the tire should not be plugged.
Determine if the tire is repairable

Step 2: Remove the object from the tire using a set of needle nose pliers or screwdriver. Always wear safety glasses!
Remove the nail from the tire

Step 3: Insert the rasp tool into the puncture. Work the tool up and down to rough up the hole.
Insert the rasp tool into the tire hole

Step 4: Install a plug on the plug insertion tool. Make sure that there’s roughly half of the plug on each side of the tool.
Install the plug on the plug insertion tool

Step 5: Apply rubber cement to the tire plug.
Apply rubber cement to the tire plug

Step 6: Push the tire plug into the puncture hole until there’s 3/4″ of the plug remaining on the outside of the tire. Pull the plug insertion tool straight out in one motion. This will leave the plug left in the tire.
Insert the tire plug

Step 7: Cut the plug off so that it’s flush with the tire tread.
Cut the plug off so that it is flush with the tread

Step 8: Refill the tire’s air pressure and check for leaks at the plug with a soap and water solution.
Top off the tire pressure

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