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Electrical Outlet Replacement

Step 1: Turn the power off to the outlet by tripping the appropriate breaker.
Turn the power off to the outlet

Step 2: Remove the cover plate on the outlet.
Remove the outlet's cover plate

Step 3: Remove the retaining screws. Pull out the outlet to expose the wiring.

Step 4: Back off the hot, neutral, and ground terminal screws and disconnect the wires from the outlet.
Disconnect the hot, neutral, and ground

Step 5: Prepare the hot, neutral, and ground for the new outlet. Strip back 1″ of bare copper and make a loop in the wiring for the terminal screw.

Step 6: Attach the hot(black) wire to the brass terminal screw, the neutral(white) wire to the silver terminal screw, and the bare copper wire to the green screw. Wrap the wire loop around the terminal screw in a clockwise direction. Tighten terminal screws firmly.
Connect the wiring to the new outlet

Step 7: Apply electrical tape around the electrical outlet terminal screws and exposed wiring.
Tape the electrical outlet

Step 8: Tighten the retaining screws and center the outlet back into the box.

Step 9: Install the new cover plate on the outlet. Careful not to over tighten, as the plate may crack.

Step 10: Flip the breaker back on to the outlet and test it’s operation.

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