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Hi DIY’ers, my name is Pat! I’m a Journeyman red seal plumber, gasfitter, motorcycle mechanic, and have spent my entire life around the trades. After helping people out for years with trades related work, I’ve decided I wanted to reach a broader audience. Enter Pros DIY. This has been a huge learning curve as I have no videography, editing, or tech background. I make trades related how-to videos for everyday people, including plumbing, heating, electrical, carpentry, and auto. My goal is to produce high quality, informative content and continue to improve on each video. Follow me in this new chapter in my life!

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The second plumbing company, The Hot Water Tank Company Ltd.The Hot Water Tank Company Ltd

My first plumbing business, PvB Plumbing & Heating Ltd!
PvB Plumbing & Heating Ltd.